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Christ Among Neighbors is a faith based organization that was started when a group of churches came together to form one organization for our neighbors to get help.  This assistance may include emergency service delivery and/or referrals/consultations to other agencies with the means to solve the problem.  We have been faithfully serving our community and in 2021 are celebrating our 20th year assisting clients.



March--April 2023

During these springtime months, we are rejoicing in all the beauty around us. We revel in warm weather, green grass, leafing trees, and lovely flowers. We hope that you had a blessed Easter, and your celebration of the Resurrection continues to give you joy as you ponder its significance.

Rising prices and economic pressure continue to contribute to financial stress on our clients. During the month of February, CAN assisted 15 individuals and families: 12 with rent and three with utilities, giving out over $7,000. In March, we were able to help 25 individuals and families, giving out over $10,000. 12 clients received help with rent, 8 with utilities, and 5 others with other needs.


CAN has benefitted from a partnership with Woodforest bank. Recently, they offered a financial wellness class for our clients and other community members. A pizza lunch was served. The turnout was light, but attendees benefitted from learning ways to help them better their financial situation. Woodforest plans to offer this class on a quarterly basis. We hope that more and more community members will take advantage of this free class as word gets around.


CAN was able to participate in The Partnership for Better Health’s Match Madness campaign again this year. We appreciate those who donated and helped to make this a successful fundraiser for us. Churches contributed more than $12,000; other donations amounted to almost $6,000 for a total of $18,000 contributed across the community. Our share of the matching funds came to more than $4,000 more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We have had recent opportunities to get word to the public about the services we offer. CAN was represented at a special service at Memorial Lutheran Church honoring those who serve at Katie’s Place. We were represented at a Ministry Fair at Prince Street United Brethren Church. We attended the SASD Resource Fair. We were featured at a local AARP meeting at which our Shippensburg Salvation Army service unit received a generous donation. We also had an opportunity as a new Chamber of Commerce member to present information at a CC spotlight meeting. These types of opportunities help us to spread the word among those we can help in the Shippensburg area.

We are still in need of new volunteers, especially those who are available to help us to interview clients on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The schedule is flexible; you may volunteer for as few or as many days as you wish. We’d love to have you join us!

May God bless you richly as you serve Him!

The CAN Team



Christ Among Neighbors has been answering the call for help in our community for 20 years. We are now back in the office - check out “Application Process under our Home page for more details.

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